Updated: Saturday, May 21st, 2022  @ 3:03 PM

This house has been leased.

Important: I have received a signed lease and deposit from a tenant. It was very nice meeting everyone at the open house. I had fantastic applicants. I wish everyone the best of luck with your search. – Casey

I’ve received 90 applications and over 200 messages within the last 48 hours. I’m sorry if I have not responded to you. Hopefully this website provides you with enough information to answer any of your questions.

What is the process to lease the house?

  1. If you come to the open house and you want to sign a lease, I’ll have a box where you can drop your name in.
  2. After the open house, I will go through the names and find your application, then I’ll select the best prospects from that group.
  3. I’ll reach out to the top applicant and see if they want to move forward. If they’re not able to or have since found a better house, I’ll reach out to the next top applicant and so on.
  4. If someone is ready to move forward – I’ll send a lease through Zillow that you can E-Sign and also pay your deposit. All rent payments will be collected through Zillow via automatic ACH bank draft payments. It’s very simple to setup.

Thank you and see you at the open house. – Casey

Hi! Welcome to my home!

My name is Casey Page and I am the owner / landlord for the home.

I lived in this house for 5 years (2010 – 2015) and have since moved to Forney, TX which is about 45 minutes away. I had lots of great memories in this house and plan on keeping it for my kids.

Nearly everything in this house has been remodeled or renovated while I was living there. The most recent improvement was the kitchen, which has updated flooring, quartz counters, and cabinets as well as a new HVAC system.

I will receive a lot of phone calls and emails about the house, so instead of scheduling individual appointments I will have two open house viewings on Friday, May 20th from 5pm to 7pm and Saturday, May 21st from 10am to 12pm – Just show up!

I have tried to provide as much information as I can below to answer any common questions. Reach out to me if you have any other questions that are not already answered below.

I will see you at the open house!

Casey Page
214-212-5630 (call / text)
caseypage98@gmail.com (email)


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I see the house?

You can view the house during my open house, just show up! The open house will be on:

  • Friday, May 20th from 5pm to 7pm
  • Saturday, May 21st from 10am to 12pm

Can I schedule a showing?

I currently live in Forney, TX which is about a 45 minute drive without traffic. So round trip is a couple hours of driving for me. Because of this, I will not be doing private showings. Just show up to the open house if you would like to see the property.

Is there an Application Fee?

No, but there is a small fee for the background and credit check. You will pay this fee directly to Zillow when submitting the application.

Is this house furnished?

It is not furnished with furniture. However, there is a dish washer & refrigerator. There is not a washer & Dryer, but there is a laundry room with full size hookups for your own machines. I also have some bar stools that I can leave for you, and I’m also leaving all the window coverings if you’d like me to leave them.

Which utility bills do I need to turn on?

I will be paying for the water bill (up to $100 per month). The water bill has never been over $75 so I don’t expect anyone to go over $100 for normal water usage. I also pay the sewer/trash bill, and I also pay to have the lawn mowed every 2 weeks during the lawn mowing season. I will leave a lawn mower in the shed in case you want to mow it in between the bi-weekly service.

You will be responsible for any other bills such as electricity, cable TV, internet, etc.

How soon, or late can I move in?

It’s available for immediate move-in. I would prefer someone to be able to start their lease within 30 days if possible.

Can I move in without an application?

No. Everyone must submit an application and I must receive a background and credit check from everyone who is over 18 that plans on living in the house.

Is your house Gas or Electric?

It’s all electric. None of the houses in the neighborhood have gas.

Does the house have Central AC and Heat?

Of course. The AC and Heat pump unit were replaced in 2020. So the unit is pretty new. I also added new insulation in the attic and new windows to try to keep the house energy efficient.

How many applicants do you normally get?

The last time I listed the house, I had almost 40 applications and over 300 contacts. You can view the number of applications I’ve received on Zillow if you scroll down below the description area. The house is also listed on other networks too!

If I need something fixed, do I contact you or who?

I will handle everything that needs attention. I don’t have a property manager or anything like that. Just shoot me a text or phone call and I’ll fix it or send a handyman out if needed.

Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?

I’m sorry, but I do not accept section 8 vouchers.

How big is your doggy door? What size pets do you allow?

It’s a medium sized door. I believe the door that I installed is this one: PetSafe Wall Entry Plastic Pet Door, 8″ L X 13″ W X 18″ H – you can find it on Petco’s website.

For any landlord, no pets are always preferred. However; I have a dog myself and he never destroys anything and has never had an accident inside the house, so I understand that some pets are just fine. On the other hand, I’ve had friends and family members with dogs who destroy their floors, walls, baseboards, and furniture. I’m not against pets, I just ask that they are not destructive and are house trained.

Will I get my deposit back?

There will be a $200 cleaning fee when you move out. So you should receive $2,100 of your deposit back if there are no other damages. Upon moving out, I just ask that you remove all trash and all of your belongings. I’ll hire professional cleaners to do a deep clean so you don’t have to worry about the house being perfectly cleaned.

Leasing Details

No Smoking on property

Rental Amount: 

  • $2,300 / month
    • Owner will pay water bill (up to $100 per month)
    • Owner will pay normal sewage & trash bill
    • Owner will pay for lawn service during normal lawn season
  • $2,300 deposit
    • Small Pets OK

Minimum lease term is 1 year. Multi-Year lease is available for longer term.

  • Lease will automatically renew to a Month to Month period. 30 day move out notice required.

Income, Background, Credit Check – Verification Required:

  • Income Verification (Previous 2 months of bank statements and pay stubs)
    • Recommended to have at least a 30% rent to income ratio without other substantial monthly debt/payments.
  • Background check & Credit check
    • Use my Zillow application for this (details below when applying)
  • Please provide Rental History & References

Small Pets OK

  • There is a pet door where animals can go in and out freely to the backyard.
  • Pet must be able to fit through pet door on property
  • No large or destructive pets

Automatic Disqualifiers:

  1. Terrible credit without substantial savings or income,
  2. Too many payments in collections,
  3. Foreclosure history,
  4. Eviction history,
  5. Bankruptcy history,
  6. Violent criminal background,
  7. Smoking,
  8. Drugs,
  9. Registered Sex Offender,
  10. Pending Court Cases for the above issues,
  11. If you have not submitted an application, you will not be considered.

If you see the house and you would like to submit an application – Use Zillow to apply online and submit your credit and background check. There is not a fee to apply other than the fee’s required to run the screening checks which is collected when submitting an application.

Zillow Application Link: https://www.zillow.com/renter-hub/applications/listing/2yv8m24utffu/rental-application

When will a decision be made in regards to a tenant?

After all of the applications are submitted – which will be by Saturday, May 21st.